Supercity Aerial, your Auckland-wide local residential and commercial TV aerial and data cabling specialist.


Welcome to Supercity Aerial Limited and thank you for your interest in our services. Supercity Aerial is your Auckland-wide, professional residential and commercial Digital TV aerial Installation company. We install the UHF aerial for Freeview HD and Satellite Dish for Freeview Satellite TV, international Free-To-Air Satellite TV and SKY TV. We fix all sorts of TV signal problem. We equally value every customer and our service is for customer satisfaction.  

Why Supercity Aerial?

Supercity Aerial is your best option because:

  • Our Digital TV antenna installers are super experience and are friendly.

  • We do the job, not looking for people to do the job.

  • We’ve test almost all of the UHF TV aerial available in New Zealand and we only use the best.

  • We have the equipment to ensure that the antenna is position and point at the best TV signal reception direction.

  • Our service is for the customer super satisfaction.

  • Our prices are super affordable, there is no hidden cost.

  • All repair job is 3 months warranty.

  • All new installation job comes with 2 year warranty.


Freeview Product

We are using 13xU High Gain UHF Antenna, best quality. High Definition channel is broadcast dependent all you need is a UHF antenna. This is the right aerial for Freeview HD, digital TV. If TV reception is poor, a masthead amplifier will be needed to boost signal. We also use high quality satellite dishes which last for years. We have TV wall mount bracket that allow TV to sit flat on the wall or be able to swivel. The use of multi-switch to distribute terrestrial and satellite signal through the same cable without loss of signal is becoming more popular. We have them all on customer request.

Commercial Building TV Network.

This is what set ourself apart from the rest in the industry, we do commercial building TV networking. Though the aerial and dish use are the same for both commercial and residential, the infrustructure is different. For new installation, prices by onsite quotation. If you contact us for repair, please we need to know the distribution hub. This is where the aerial cables and amplifiers are. In most cases this is where the problem is.

Areas Serviced: Auckland-wide.

Working Hours:

8:00am - 5:30pm Sunday to Thursday.

8:00am – 3:30pm Friday.