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Freeview Satellite TV

Satellite TV Aerial and Cabling Services

The benefit of satellite TV, it works anywhere in New Zealand since TV signal is from satellites in space and you have a lot of free-to-air TV channels that you can access from any of the satellite of your choice. However, none of the channels from any satellite is on HD. We do satellite dish installation for Satellite TV from the follow Satellites:

  1. Optus D1. The carrier for both Freeview Satellite and Sky TV.

  2. Optus D2. This is the carrier for BVN, 3BN, DVN and loads of others.

  3. Intelsat 19. This is the carrier for NHK, (Japanese TV) and Vision Asia.

If you have a favourite Satellite TV channel, contact us and we will try to get it to work for you if it is FTA.

How To Get Freeview Satellite Or FTA Satellite TVs.

  1. Right Antenna. Opatus D1 and Optus D2 requires a KU-Band dish such as Sky dish.

  2. Hybrid TV. Latest TVs have satellite receiver built-in. These tvs have two antenna ports, one is labeled Satellite.

  3. Satellite Receiver Set-top Box. If your TV is not Hybrid, you need a Satellite Set-top Box.

Our Services.

New Satellite Dish Installation $450.

We use Quality high gain satellite dishes. Freeview Satellite dish is align to Optus D1, same carrier for Sky TV. This has to be precise or otherwise you cannot receive some of the free to air channels. Satellite dish can also align to watch free to air TV channels  from other satellite like Optus D2 and Intelsat 19. We have the equipment to make sure the satellite is precisely align to which satellite of your choice.

Satellite Dish Repairs: $170 gst inc.

There are few causes of Satellite TV problem:

  1. Dish must have move either side ways or vertically.

  2. Faulty cable or connection.

  3. Receiver configuration miss match lnb frequency.

LNB Replacement: $170 + LNB.

If the problem is faulty LNB the only fix is to replace. We have two type of LNB.

Single LNB: $80.

Using existing dish for a different satellite will be $185 since we will replace the LNB and Align the dish for the new satellite.

Sky TV Aerial Services

We do dish installation for sky TV. We fix all Sky TV problems. If you are moving house and can’t get your skyTV to work, we can check signal and set up your decoder if setting need changing. We also do Sky TV distribution. This is possible, with sky digital you don’t need additional device just a technician that know what to do. My Sky does not have this feature built-in. An additional device requires, RF Modulator.


TV Point Installation: $170 + gst.

$170 is for coming out and install the first connection, this include 10m cable also. For every extra tv point or if the tv point installation is part of another job it only cost $70. There is an extra $30 for wall plate on customer request. For cabling inside the wall, we need a site visit to see if it can be done and to discuss the cost. Cabling inside the wall starts from $230.

We also do tv cabling for new build and renovate houses, best practice tip, get us to do it before the gib board installation. The benefit of getting us to do TV cabling for newly built houses, we can scan and advice the best place for TV aerial to install and make sure aerial cable is out and available to avoid drilling on roof on aerial installation.

Data Cabling: Starts from $170.

Whether you're after Internet or telephone connection, we can terminate and test every connection and leave customer assurance that they are correctly done and working. We have years of experience in IT. Please notice phone jack and internet socket wall plate at $20 extra.

HDMI and Remote Extender:  Starts from $170.

CAT 6 can also be use to connect remote extender units so you can control Home theater units and Sky decoder in another room. Since HDMI data quality starts to drop after 5m. HDMI extender units can be use to extend HDMI using CAT6 cable. Note the cost is for cabling only it does not include HDMI unit or Remote Extender unit.