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Freeview Aerial Installation

Freeview Antenna Installation & Repair.

How to get Freeview H|D.
  1. Right Antenna: UHF Aerial is the right TV Antenna for Freeview HD.

  2. Digital ready TV.

  3. Freeview set-top box. If your TV is not digital ready, aerial Freeview Box needed.

We provide and install UHF Antenna for Freeview. We service West Auckland, North Shore Auckland, East Auckland, South Auckland and all their suburbs.

Our Services

TV Aerial Installation

TV Aerial installation: $370 gst inc.

Three things to consider in UHF aerial installation for Feeview, Signal Reception, Your Property, The Weather. We scan for the best signal reception point to decide where to install the TV aerial. We recommend inside the attic as the best place to install tv antenna. It avoid drilling onto roof and protect the aerial against weather. This is suitable for tile roof houses in good TV signal reception area. It works inside ion roof as well depending on roof shape. We can check for you. We have brackets that allows aerial to attached to the back of sky dish or under the eave, either bracket avoid drilling onto roof. We consider roof installation as the last option but every screw must be water tight with silicon. If you're in poor TV signal area an extra cost of $135 for an amplifier may be needed. We are your local professional freeview installer, give us a call. 

Freeview Live Online Installation $370 gst inc

Freeview is now livestream by tvnz, all you need is a fast internet connection, Fibre or VDSL internet connection and a TV with Freeview Live Online builtin or a Freeview Live Online device to connect your TV to local TV via the internet. The introduction of Freeview Live Online solves the problem of poor signal reception areas. There is nolonger a need for an aerial. If technology is not your thing, we can help.

VHF To UHF Aerial Upgrade: $270 gst inc

We remove the VHF aerial if reachable and safe before installing the new UHF aerial to reduce the chance of the aerial blown down by the wind. Also take note, in replacement installation, the existing pole and cabling is reused. 

Masthead Amplifier: $100.

In poor signal reception area, the aerial can't be install without a masthead amplifier. The price of $100 is an additional cost to standard repair charge, installation or aerial upgrade.

 TV Aerial Repairs: $170 gst inc Plus Material.

There are many reasons why TV is not working or TV pictures is breaking if you already have a UHF aerial. Most of the problems is faulty masthead amplifier, diplexer, in most cases it just need to bypass or replace if you're in a low tv signal reception area. Because Freeview is broadcast in digital frequency and High Definition, RG6 is the standard TV cable and every joint must use F-type connector to ensure good contact. For best and consistent flow of tv signal without major loss, splitter and wall socket must be F-type also.

For Installation and Antenna Repair on Roof of double story houses, there is a $50 charge for extension ladder hire.

We work our way up, from the TV outlet to TV antenna to make sure when we finish the problem is eliminated.

TV Wall Mounting $180 gst inc.

We can hang your TV onto the wall for you. If it is part of another job, it only cost $140. We also provide the TV wall-mounting bracket from $85 we need few information to ensure we get you the right bracket.

  1. How big the TV is.

  2. You want TV sit flat on the wall or be able to tilt forward.

  3. You want the TV pull forward and swing sideways.

  4. Use cable duct to hide cables Or

  5. You want cables hidden behind wall,

There is $50 to hide cables with cable duct and $180 to do cabling inside wall cavity plus the wall plates.

Home Theater Setup $150. 

If you have just bought a new home theater but DIY is not you thing when coming to technology, we can connect them and set it up for you. We will show you how to operate and we will keep it simple.